18 agosto, 2020

Libros… Libros

Ya vamos dejando el invierno detrás y así como nos alistamos para un mejor clima también podemos renovar nuestra  biblioteca personal, nada causa más placer que un buen libro bajo la sombra en un día templado de primavera. Los siguientes títulos son solo algunos de los que en Celebrando Latinas Magazine le recomendamos. ¡A leer se ha dicho! Invisible, una […]
25 enero, 2021

Nora Vargas as she hit the ground running…

Every New Year brings with it a host of new resolutions without fail, and one of the most popular ones is to run a marathon or a half-marathon. This edition of In Her Shoes comes with an unexpected pair- County Supervisor Nora Vargas has a collection of high heels and boots that keep up with her remarkably busy schedule between […]
14 marzo, 2021

A new challenge

Celebrando Latinas, the largest Spanish-language conference for women in the United States, is expanding to support the development and sustainability of women entrepreneurs in the San Diego community. On Friday, February 26, 2021, Celebrando Latinas Boutique launched a new concept of collective sales that will allow microentrepreneurs to have a space to promote their products to the community.  COVID-19 halted […]
14 marzo, 2021

El comienzo de un nuevo capítulo

Honesta, fuerte, luchadora y emprendedora, así es Fanny Miller, de personalidad sui generis, siempre tiene la palabra y la solución correcta para esas situaciones que parecen no tener salida. Sin duda, su mejor cualidad es la empatía, que la lleva a pensar en todo y en todos. Siempre buscando mejores oportunidades en particular para las mujeres emprendedoras que como ella […]
15 marzo, 2021

In her shoes: Fanny Miller

In these very uncertain times nobody could have predicted that many of our li- ves would change very drastically, and yet there is a silver lining in these experiences that force us to reinvent ourselves, a re- birth of sorts. On May 18, 1980 a volcano, Mt. Helen, in Washington state erupted due to an earthquake, destroying its entire su- […]
17 mayo, 2021

Women of Power

Nancy Valdivia Ochoa: No hay que llegar primero, Pero hay que saber llegar Named after first lady Nancy Reagan by her immigrant parents, Nancy Valdivia Ochoa was destined for a life of success and service in our country. Her journey from Culiacan, Mexico to our city of San Diego in the United States takes us through a series of inspirational […]