10 agosto, 2019

Self-Care: Se vale decir NO

Una de las claves del éxito es aprender a poner límites, al hacerlo nuestra confianza crece y aunque no lo creas, recibes un mayor respeto de los demás. Aun cuando los beneficios son grandes, y en teoría suena fácil de hacer, sabemos bien que no es así. Es difícil poner límites en una cultura que nos ha enseñado a compartir, […]
5 diciembre, 2019

Self Care: Anxiety and Stress

As Latinas we are always facing all kinds of challenges, and we don’t always cope with them in the best manner. This can lead to ailments and chronic illnesses that end up affecting every aspect of our lives, and everyone around us, whatever our careers or lifestyles may be. In this holiday season when stress can be high, and emotions […]
5 diciembre, 2019

Mujeres de Poder – Women of Power Rosalina Spencer making a difference in San Diego

Powerful Latinas are making a difference in San Diego every day, in every corner. Our Celebrando Latinas magazine team works hard every day looking for them, looking for ways to shed light into their work not only to recognize them, but to inspire you- our readers- to make a difference right where you are. Rosalina Spencer is one such Powerful […]
11 febrero, 2020

Self Care: Organize your Life & organize your soul

One of the most important aspects of self-care is to have time for ourselves, to make room for new things, new ideas and new experiences. With our busy lives it is not always easy to have these luxuries, but there is one magical way to get this done, and that is living a more organized life. You will find that […]