Mujeres Extraordinarias Awards Celebrando Latinas 2020

Celebrando Latinas is honored to recognize Latina women who make a big difference in their community, whose efforts to help their community often go unnoticed. Today’s Latin woman leaves her mark in the business world, her entrepreneurial spirit opens doors thanks to the great work that her predecessors have done for the first time. We are proud to recognize the efforts of those exceptional women who help to make this a better world with their actions.

Mujeres Extraordinarias Awards

With the intention of recognizing the values of effort, friendship, solidarity, generosity, and perseverance; the Mujeres Extraordinaria awards seek to publicize the work of those outstanding Latinas whose stories inspire communities and make this a better place for all.

Mujer Extraordinaria

There are exceptional stories, stories that serve as examples for all whose basis is the search for the common good and perseverance

Even when the circumstances in which we develop are not the most propitious, extraordinary women arise, who despite their context, struggle to get ahead, seek to improve their community, their family and against all odds get ahead.

Mother of the Year

Mothers are an example of life for all, they give everything for their children in a self-sacrificing way and always seek to overcome their own. Each story of mothers and children has particular challenges and complications that make them exemplary. In Celebrando Latinas we look for those stories that inspire all of us who have complications with our family life; exceptional stories that inspire us to act and that tell us that nothing is impossible if we do it with love and dedication to our loved ones.

Friend of the Year

Friendship is a fundamental value for life and coexistence in society. It means a bond that transcends blood, is given unconditionally. When the family is not there to help us get ahead, a friend always comes out who adopts your cause as his own and gives everything to see you smile once again. This award is dedicated to recognizing those people who offer their friendship and support without expecting anything in return in the situations in which we need it the most.

Impressive Youth

The new generations are making space in society by leaps and bounds. More and more young women proudly belong to the Latino community and set it high. Whether in academia, sports, community activation or the arts, this space is dedicated to those young women who stand out for their dedication and discipline, as well as the passion with which they carry out their activities.

Entrepreneur of the Year

The business world is no longer just about men. Every day there are more Latinas who stand out for their ideas, talents, and vision. In this world in which doing business becomes a more complicated task every day, there are women who do not stop trying, and who persevere to venture into this environment, sometimes out of necessity and at other times to contribute to their community. In Celebrando Latinas we recognize your effort and we value it, this award is for you, enterprising woman.