6 agosto, 2019

In Her Shoes

This pair of shoes are a perfect reflection of this young and beautiful Latina There is much to be said about a classic pair of black heels. Erica’s favorite pair is as elegant and classy as they are comfortable and adaptable. Like many of our favorite shoes, this pair of heels came to her life unexpectedly. She was in Las […]
8 agosto, 2019

Book Club. El rincón de los libros

Todas las que somos adictas a la lectura no podemos negar el poder que nos acoge el abrir un libro nuevo. No hay nada como sentir el olor de sus páginas intactas y la textura de sus diferentes coberturas. Por eso disfrutamos tanto compartir contigo lo mas nuevo en cada una de nuestras ediciones, y esta vez te traemos, como […]
8 agosto, 2019

It’s my moment

Celebrando Latinas has become the conference many of us wait for all year! “It’s my moment” this year’s theme is the best way to described what many of us are going thru a moment to become aware of it all. Thank you for being here for giving yourself the time to enjoy a day to be pampered and inspired. Through […]
8 agosto, 2019

Back Stage

Representing Latinas Celebrando Latinas is more than a magazine, more than a conference and more than a newspaper- it really is a movement that has impacted San Diego for over 30 years. This is possible because our fierce leader, Fanny Miller, doesn’t settle for just informing Latinos, she consistently seeks to be on top of anything that affects or benefits […]